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Reason Center is a community venue for gatherings and educational activities that promote scientific awareness, critical thinking and civic responsibility—via a naturalistic worldview and secular values.

The Reason Center Stands In Solidarity with the Black Community and Black Lives Matter….

Reason Center stands in solidarity with the Black community and Black Lives Matter on racial injustice in our communities. Many issues and greatly needed changes have come through worldwide protests following the police killing of George Floyd and many other unarmed Black individuals, including Stephon Clark right here in Sacramento.

Important changes in laws and policies are now being widely considered and implemented, such as increasing the number of school social workers and mental health professionals and diverting much needed funds from contracting out to police officers (SROs) on school campuses, pushing for restorative justice programs and practices in schools, and using mental health services instead of police where needed.

These changes call upon all of us to do our part and work to make our society what it should be, not what it has been. Reason Center is a 501c3 Educational organization, and our Board of Directors acknowledges that we have not only responsibility but great opportunity for providing educational opportunities about racial bias and social justice at present and in the future. Therefore, we are implementing online resources coupled with scheduled discussion groups toward these ends. In addition, our Movie Nights will feature an added group of relevant films.

To begin, we are posting links to two brief videos by Emmanuel Acho, and one by Robin DiAngelo, for you to watch in preparation for our first Tuesday evening discussion group via Zoom.

Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man

Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man Episode 2, with Matthew McConaughey

Robin DiAngelo

Further sources for those who seek to grow and to do:

American Humanist

Black Lives Matter

Center for Justice

We stand for reason and justice. We stand against racism and discrimination.

Reason Center Is Moving ...

Reason Center has had six great years so far! Many events have been held at Reason Center by a broad range of groups. Wonderful memories have been created by all.

However, as we all have experienced, Covid-19 has thrown us for a loop. So we are going to circle around and go with it. We haven’t been able to hold events at Reason Center since March 2020, and we don’t know for sure when it will be safe to do so again.  We certainly do not want to endanger anyone with poor decisions.  

As members of the Community of Reason we know that following the science provides us with the best probable outcome. Most experts say that it won’t truly be safe to meet in person until at the earliest June of 2021, and likely not until the end of 2021, if even then.

With the future in mind, the Reason Center Board of Directors has decided to move out of the facility on Tribute Road that we have enjoyed using for the last six years to preserve our funding and continue to protect the community. But when the time is right, hopefully in the second half of 2021, we will be looking at moving into another, better, facility.  We have moved all of our furniture and other belongings into storage for now.

In the meantime, we will continue to hold online events, so check our website and our meetup page often and help keep our social and educational community going. Your own ideas for new events are welcome. And if things open up sooner we will hold some in person events at other venues. 

Ideally for future continuity and to have more of a sense of home, we have always had the goal to buy our own facility.  In order to do that we need to raise a pretty good amount of money. If you can help us with that please donate as much as you can. If you have ever considered donating more, our community would be grateful. Making a Reason Center home is our focus, and we can only do this together.

We envision much more than what we have achieved so far. More involvement within our Community of Reason, and more involvement with the Community at Large. We would like to grow our non-profit and work with other non-profits to better the lives of everyone around us and in the world. If you have some ideas, let us know what we can do to give what we can.

Here is our campaign for a new home [gofundme_donate_button id=29220]

Let’s make the Community of Reason and Reason Center thrive!

Reason Center Board
Tom Ikelman
Nancy Sneed
Noel Navarro
Grace ThomasMeyer
Will Scharff

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