​Reason Center is a community venue ​for gatherings and educational activities ​that promote scientific awareness, critical thinking and civic responsibility via a naturalistic worldview and secular values.

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​Meetings, presentations, workshops, ceremonies, social gatherings, and,  for Reason Center Members, game and movie nights and curated circulation library​

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​Reason Center offers discounted rentals for the events and activities of over a dozen nonprofit
organizations and Meetup groups that have joined to share some aspect of Reason Center’s
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​Reason Center is available to individual citizens and community groups for holding gatherings
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I'm a firm believer that freethinkers need a home and a center that they can come to. There are tax-free churches on practically every other corner in every city, so there certainly should be at least one Reason Center in Sacramento.

Annie Laurie Gaylor - Co-President of Freedom From Religion Foundation

There a lot of people used to go to church...they used to have that community, and if they have given that up, lost her faith, and have become nonreligious, there needs to be a place for them for them to go, to connect and to meet other people. There needs to be a place for them to find volunteer opportunities, or to have a support network, or to maybe connect with people when times are rough. The Reason Center is that place.

David Diskin - Freethought Day Coordinator

Invitation from the Reason Board President

Welcome to the Reason Center website. Our goal is to help the secular community of Sacramento connect and provide a place for meetings and activities. Here you can find resources to rent our space, read news about recent events, sign up for our newsletter, or connect with one of our partner organizations. Thank you for visiting, and we look forward to you becoming a member.

Gary Alexander - Board President, Reason Center

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