Dawn emerged from a horrific childhood into a horrific adolescence, yet managed to survive with her wit and intellect intact. She will share some of her insights with us as she introduces her memoir: “How to Rob a Bank in Drag.” You’ll find out how she came up with that brilliant, teasing title, how she survived, what kept her going, what she learned about life on the rough side, and maybe even how to rob a bank in drag…or not. (She really did rob banks!) She includes all the necessary elements of a good story: an ax-wielding mother, apartment-complex adventure, dogs and ponies, youthful romance, rejection and acceptance at home and school, fear conquered by fast thinking, good and bad people at the fringe of urban existence, and a good bank robber stashing the cash in a full Kool-Aid pitcher.

Hosted by Kenneth E. Nahigian and Susan McL
From Sacramento Freethinkers Atheists & Nonbelievers (FAN)

Are you looking for a way to meet more SacFANs? The FANs are, after all, the most interesting, kindly, thoughtful people you could ever meet. We deeply appreciate the people who are stepping up to greet people as they arrive and say goodbye to them when they leave. (Big shout-out to new member Amanda! You’re terrific!) It’s a delightful role that helps develop “people skills,” and there’s room for two more greeters and “good-byers,” as a long-time member calls them.

Remember to bring a few bucks (if you can) to chip in to help pay for renting Reason Center. Yes, even we marvelous SacFANs pay rent, just like everybody else, and we like to help out wherever and whenever we can, too, so find the big plastic donation jug (labeled “Reason Center Donations”) and stuff your bucks in there. If you can’t, come anyway. The important thing is for you to be there so you can meet your new friends. This is truly a wonderful group of people.

Reason Center’s expenses (rent, electricity, maintenance, security, insurance) aren’t especially heartwarming, but they’re the infrastructure that makes SacFAN, AOF, Sunday Assembly Sacramento, and others thrive.

Reason Center is the ONLY venue in the region dedicated to freethought, agnosticism, non-theism, rationality, skepticism, atheism, Humanism, and other flavors of non-religiosity. It’s open for you and any friends you’d like to bring, so let’s continue Reason Center’s success and donate as generously as you can. All donations are very much appreciated. Reason Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, so all donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by IRS regulations. If you’d like a donation acknowledgment letter for your tax return, just ask Ken (the guy in the back who brings marvelous vegan goodies) or Susan ( the one who introduces speakers at the start of the meetup). Another option: visit http://www.reasoncenter.org to join and/or donate.

Atheists and Other Freethinkers (AOF) is the 501(c)(3) nonprofit that supports, among other things, the AOF/SacFAN Speaker Series, which is what you’ve enjoyed for the last few years at these monthly AOF/SacFAN general meetings. We meet on the last Sunday of each month at Reason Center, rain or shine, holiday or no holiday.

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Bring a snack or beverage to share if you can. Come meet your new friends!

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