Hosted by David Jacobs
From Sacramento Politics and Philosophy Group

We met at Shine Cafe on February 23 on the Topic “Trump declares National Emergency…”. We delved into many considerations of what a National Emergency was and what would or should be the criteria. We listened to each other about what we knew about what was going on. Each has a unique view of this. Some had perspectives, facts and rational that were new to most there. We all have different sources for what we think and what we think we know. It’s a sign of our times and actually it is a good thing. Difficult to sort out, but nobody has been trying to sell critical thinking as easy or comfortable.

i am always grateful for those that come together to chew on these issues. I hope that we come with an open mind and refine our perspectives and gain some skill level that gives us more confidence in pushing back on what ignorance and laziness has led us too.

I reserved the Reason Center conference room for our normal 10-12 Saturday discussion. The Topic will be “Trump, Now What?” Sound Familiar? It seems to echo in my head. Words that I am reminded Each week or so. It is because paying attention and asking questions will lead you to this never ending repeat in reaction to hearing his words or hearing everyone in the media using his outrageous words and behavior to maintain the attention of others.

Some have decided that they do not want to hear anymore. Even some of our own members have had their fill and get depressed or frustrated with nothing being done to stop the incitement and bring some sanity to our national discussion and therefore our national policies. The overwhelm is part of the strategy to strangle democracy. It is working. The deceptions grow and the stories get more fantastic. Its getting easier to spot the distortions, but for many, it is wearing us down. It is unfortunate that the legal process, as does critical thinking, takes time. It takes practice, It takes interaction and questioning. But as I mentioned at the top, No one promised that democracy was going to be easy. We made the mistake of thinking it was on autopilot and things would work out. They won’t. Learning about that is not convenient. Remember the Title, “Inconvenient Truth”?

Our last discussion on Saturday and the one on Sunday, were quite an eye opener for me. I am glad I made both. Next Saturday, you have the option of going to Folsom for “Personal Identity” or “Trump, What Next?”. I have to report that some objected to these happening at the same time. I suggested to them that they keep bitching about it and see if they get what they want. Sorry to disappoint, I will not be looking for a time to accommodate everyone, much less a few. In that spirit, I will mention that anyone can bring drinks and food, but there are no slaves to serve you. There is a microwave to reheat the Starbucks that you brought with you from the mall just a few hundred meters from our location. Subway, Costco, REI and others are on your way. Leave your place a little early to pick something up and bring it with you. When we are finished, some may decide to go to Subway to get a sandwich or maybe go to Condo’s on Arden way to the North.

Keep an eye on the news. By Saturday, will be things to hear about and reasons to pull your hair out. Believe me.

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