People believe strange things, as you may have noticed. Some kinds of strange thinking have been given names. Psychiatrist Michael Caton will open our eyes to the peculiarities of one of these syndromes. Join us for a talk by an AOF/SacFAN favorite: psychiatrist Michael Caton, whose interest in delusions led him to explore many kinds of distorted and false beliefs, social signaling, the evolution of thought, and the relationship of language and beliefs to truth and authority.

Mike grew up outside Philadelphia. After developing cardiac and cancer medications in the Bay Area, Mike went to medical school at UC San Diego and served his residency in psychiatry here at UC Davis. His research interest is delusions and neuroimaging, and he now sees patients in Santa Rosa. In addition to psychiatry, Mike enjoys trail running, blogging, linguistics, and travel. He has a wife and child who keep him honest and mostly non-delusional.

You may be a sharp thinker with a whip-like mind of lightning-pure perspicacity, or you may be more like AOF’s humble webmaster, an avocado-shaped middle-aged retiree wedged behind a keyboard trolling teen cosplay blogs in a MAGA t-shirt dusted with Pringle crumbs. But (we say it with a straight face) you owe yourself to attend this talk.

Remember to bring a few bucks (if you can) to help pay for renting the room. If you can’t, come anyway. The important thing is for you to be there so you can meet your new friends. This is truly a wonderful group.

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