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There has been a lot of allegations recently by Trump admin officials and associates that the presidential election results were tampered with and that there was widespread fraud that led to Biden being declared the winner. So far, nobody has been able to produce any evidence of this, but this subject is at least worth a full discussion. Some people, including Jimmy Carter and Hilary Clinton, have said that they believe the 2016 US presidential election went to Trump on the basis of voter fraud. It is conceivable that one or both of these elections was stolen on the basis of fraud. Now, it is very easy to make up claims, accounts, and narratives of this sort. Baseless allegations by themselves do not constitute actual evidence. At this event, we’ll discuss the merits of the fraud allegations in both the recent 2020 election and also in the prior 2016 election. It will be a bit easier to assess the recent election, since it happened only weeks ago, and the allegations are being investigated right now. There are people actively trying to find any bit of evidence to support their wild allegations. In some cases, they are fabricating new allegations to make the earlier allegations seem more plausible, such as “Joe the vote counter said he saw a bunch of fake ballots being cast”. So we’ll need to utilize critical thinking skills to sort out fact from fiction here. It will not be sufficient to simply have a boatload of baseless allegations. Real, solid evidence would be something more substantive, such as statistical abnormalities, evidence of electronic hacking, evidence of votes from nonexistent people, etc.

For this event, we’ll meet at McKinley park, under the gazebo near the basketball courts and near the pond. You are encouraged to bring your own chair.

10am to 12pm

Saturday December 12th, 10am to 12pm at McKinley Park

Hosted by Sacramento Philosophy and Politics Group

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