About Reason Center

Reason Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, opened its doors, July 2014.

The Purpose of Reason Center

Reason Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, opened its doors July 2014. It was established as a community and meeting place for gatherings and educational activities that promote scientific awareness, critical thinking and civic responsibility—via a naturalistic worldview and secular values. The existence of Reason Center would not have been possible without the generous support of our founding members and donors.
Review our latest annual report from 2023: Year In Review.

Our Objectives

Support a social and intellectual community for freethinkers.

Contribute to society through education and community service.

Uphold and safeguard the separation of religion and government.

Advance the civic understanding and acceptance of freethinkers.

Below is the 2014 campaign video that energized the launch of Reason Center:

A lot of people used to go to church…they used to have that community, and if they have given that up, lost their faith, and have become nonreligious, there needs to be a place for them for them to go, to connect and to meet other people. There needs to be a place for them to find volunteer opportunities, or to have a support network, or to maybe connect with people when times are rough. The Reason Center is that place.

David Diskin
Freethought Day Coordinator

I’m a firm believer that freethinkers need a home and a center that they can come to. There are tax-free churches on practically every other corner in every city, so there certainly should be at least one Reason Center in Sacramento.

Annie Laurie Gaylor
Co-President of Freedom From Religion Foundation

I’ve been a proud member of the Sacramento Freethought / Humanist / Atheist Community for 15 years or more. Very happy to have like-minded people to hang out with, have discussions, and support one another. Let’s grow this into even more!

Tom Ikelman
Reason Center Board President

I began my participation in the Agnostic/Atheist/Freethinker/Humanist/Non-Believer/Skeptic community with being an active member of Secular Student Alliance (SSA) at Sacramento City College, and continued as a member of SSA at Sacramento State. During this time I participated in the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s campaign in Sacramento, placing both my face and personal quote on a billboard located in the community I both lived and worked in at the time. In addition to this I was the only Humanist that the UC Davis Medical Center has ever had as a Chaplain. In this capacity I met with many patients and staff members, from many viewpoints, about dealing with hurtles such as grief and other difficulties.

Noel Navarro
Reason Center Board Member

I have been a part of the Sacramento area secular community for the past six years. I have learned much and made lots of new friends through the many activities the various organizations provide. I am active with Sunday Assembly and am excited about the future of Reason Center. I am single, have two grown sons, and tend to stay very busy.

Nancy Sneed
Reason Center Board Member