About Reason Center

​​Reason Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, opened its doors July 2014. It was established as a community and meeting place for gatherings and educational activities that promote scientific awareness, critical thinking and civic responsibility—via a naturalistic worldview and secular values. The existence of Reason Center would not have been possible without the generous support of our founding members and donors.


Support a social and intellectual community for freethinkers

Contribute to society through education and community service

Uphold and safeguard the separation of religion and government

​Advance the civic understanding and acceptance of freethinkers



I've been a proud member of the Sacramento Freethought / Humanist / Atheist Community for 15 years or more. Very happy to have like-minded people to hang out with, have discussions, and support one another. Let's grow this into even more!

Tom Ikelman

Mynga Futrell has played different roles in order to promote appropriate civic consideration of citizens who hold a supernatural-free worldview. Among “hats” worn locally: Reason Center (founding board member), Freethought Day in Sacramento (founder), Sacramento's Atheist and Other Freethinkers (co-founder and former president). A former science educator and abiding science buff, Mynga has for over a decade organized the annual Sacramento Darwin Day Educational Gala. Among her many other involvements: she co-founded the international Brights’ Network. More on her Wikipedia page.

Mynga Futrell - Reason Center Board Present

Gary Alexander has been an active member of the atheist community for the last eight years. He works as a public servant for the California Community College System. He is also an animal lover and avid tabletop hobbyist.

Gary Alexander - Board President, Reason Center

I have been a part of the Sacramento area secular community for the past six years. I have learned much and made lots of new friends through the many activities the various organizations provide. I am active with Sunday Assembly and am excited about the future of Reason Center. I am single, have two grown sons, and tend to stay very busy.

Nancy Sneed

​Here's the 2014 campaign video that ​energized the launch of Reason Center:

​Reason Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. EIN# 46-4430467