Our Partners and Community

The Reason Center is supported by a wide and growing community of partner organizations who reach out and appeal to freethinkers, atheists, skeptics, humanists, and non-believers.The following organizations hold regular meetings, events, and forums at the Reason Center, and are generally open to the public.We appreciate the social, financial, and the in-kind support and contributions that our partners make to the Center. We encourage you to reach out and join one or more these groups.

Partner Application: If you want to apply to become a partner of Reason Center, download the application here. 

Sunday Assembly Sacramento

Sunday Assembly is a secular congregation that celebrates life. Our events, on the second Sunday of each month at Reason Center, are filled with music, inspirational talks, poetry and art, donuts and coffee, and more… followed by a potluck social hour! We are radically inclusive, and our events are free for all to attend. Child care is provided. (Meetup / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube)

California Freethought Day

California Freethought Day combines the fun and atmosphere of a fair with the education and activism of a conference. It’s a festival of freethought held annually in October at the California State Capitol. This free event features speakers and live entertainment, family activities, an authors’ panel, and more! (Website / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube)

Brights Action Sacramento

The hub of the international internet constituency of Brights is in Sacramento. So, because of the locale, we have an opportunity to also work in sync with Brights Central to develop models for other community clusters. Participants in Sacramento’s group either are brights (have a naturalistic worldview themselves) or are persons who strongly support the civic inclusion and equality of those who do.Brights Action Sacramento welcomes not just Brights, but all who would enjoy working together with Brights on activities in sync with the aims put forth in The Brights’ Net website.

Sacramento-area Coalition of Reason

The Sacramento Area Coalition of Reason is made up of numerous groups that provide community for Sacramento atheists, humanists, skeptics and non-theists. We’re proud to help secular people find groups and events so that they can meet like-minded individuals throughout the Sacramento region. We invite you to learn more about these groups and attend their events. Contact: sacramentocor@gmail.com.

Sacramento Politics and Philosophy Group

The Sacramento Politics and Philosophy Group is for those in the Sacramento area who like to discuss politics and philosophy. From one meeting to the next, we might discuss the political issues of the day and or abstract philosophical topics. All discussions are respectful and civil.

Atheists and Other Freethinkers

The purpose of Atheists and Other Freethinkers is to promote the civic understanding of atheism and the acceptance of atheists in our community. Through educational programs, projects, and publications, AOF will extend secular perspectives, including the separation of religion and government and the right to think and speak freely on these perspectives.

Sacramento Freethinkers, Atheists, and Nonbelievers

Meet other freethinkers, atheists and nonbelievers in the greater Sacramento area. Sacramento Freethinkers, Atheists, and Nonbelievers gathers to discuss beliefs and philosophies, hear provocative speakers, and make new friends. We have regular meetings, book discussions, film screenings, potlucks and other social events.

Sacramento Area Skeptics

The Sacramento Area Skeptics were created in 2008 in an effort to organize a way for skeptics in the Sacramento area to meet one another. We organize lectures, co-host the annual SkeptiCal Conference, and host monthly social gatherings where like minds can discuss various topics over a pint. We work to promote science and critical thinking in the area and around the world and hope you join us in our effort.

Black Humanists and Non-believers of Sacramento (BHNS)

BHNBS is an outreach and educational community group for African American atheists, humanists, non-believers, skeptics, agnostics, and welcomes all members, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation. BHNBS is also for those questioning their religious beliefs and are seeking information on atheism/humanism/etc., in a supportive and judgement free environment. We hold educational forums and host literature tables at community events. See our Meetup page for upcoming events.

Sac City Freethinkers

Uniting all Sacramento City College freethinkers (atheists, agnostics, secularists, humanists, and other skeptics) and providing an opportunity to socialize with like-minded individuals, question religious and theistic beliefs, and promote the ideals of scientific and critical inquiry through campus and community events. Contact us at SacCityFreethinkers@gmail.com

Other groups include, Recovering from Religion, Save by Reason, LifeRing Secular Recovery, Secular Support for Family and Friends of Alcoholics and Addicts.