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July 28 - 04:00 pm

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Atheists, Freethinkers, Science, UFO

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Atheists and Other Freethinkers

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Ufology exists near the intersection of science and pseudoscience.

Wondering about odd lights in the sky seems like a pretty harmless pastime, but it can quickly evolved into conspiracy theories about the government hiding crashed alien spaceships, and weird ideas about how the UFOs are flying and who is inside of them.

Individual ufologists are often passionate about the topic because they have had some UFO-related experience themselves, so skeptics sometimes have a hard time talking about UFOs without people getting angry and defensive.

How can we have productive discussions about UFOs? Mick West has been studying and explaining UFOs for a decade, and has many interactions with a wide range of members of the UFO community. He will share some of his experiences, and give advice on how to proceed.
A Q&A will follow Mick’s presentation. Mick West is a British-American science writer, skeptical investigator, and retired video game programmer. He is the creator of the websites and, and he investigates and debunks pseudoscientific claims and conspiracy theories such as chemtrails and UFOs.

-Park free in the lot.
-OK to bring personal snacks & beverages – or to share – as you wish. Water is provided.
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